Damascus Gun Shop is located at 222 W. Laurel Ave, Damascus, VA 24236. We have limited shop hours, so please call us before you stop by.

Our phone number is 276-492-1631.

Please email FFLs to info@damascusgunshop.com or fax to 888-361-1870.

Aaron Sizemore: FFL holder and eldest son of Dallas Sizemore, Aaron began shooting at three years old. He never picked up on shotgun hunting and has stuck to the bolt action rifle for most of his life. His love for accurate rifles has played a big part in his reloading interests and ultimately the decision to carry CZ products.

Dallas Sizemore: Dallas is the face of Damascus Gun Shop at Virginia gun shows. He has over 50 years of experience with firearms including hunting, shooting, reloading, and trading. A life time of love for firearms as well as being a vendor at Virginia shows for the past ten years has given him a broad knowledge of the industry.

Brian Reed: Brian can be found at gun shows. He loves anything that goes boom and does not discriminate against make or caliber. The high volume of ammunition he goes through in a year has caused him to own more guns chambered in .22LR than any sane person needs. This makes him our .22LR and pistol aficionado.