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CZ 75 Kadet II Adapter

CZ 75 Kadet II Adapter
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Price: $407.00
Manufacturer: CZ
Product Code: 01610
Availability : This product is currently out of stock

Product Description The CZ 75 Kadet conversion kit is a separate accessory for the CZ 75/85 pistol series allowing the firing of .22 LR caliber cartridges. The CZ 75 fitted with the Kadet .22LR conversion is the perfect training or plinking pistol with the slide weighted and balanced just like the CZ 75. The Kadet adapter features all-steel construction and an adjustable rear sight.

Included are 2 10-round magazines that fit flush with grips of the full size CZ 75 and SP-01 models. The Kadet conversion kit will work on the CZ 75 compact and sub-compact models including the 75 Compact, P-01, P-06, PCR, and RAMI, but note that the full-size magazines will extend out of the bottom of the shorter grips on these models. The Kadet conversion will not work on the 97, 75 TS, P-07 or P-09 models.

When used in competition-oriented or modified 75 series pistols like the Shadow, a factory-weight 75 mainspring may be required to provide proper primer ignition.


  • Ammunition: .22 LR
  • Magazine Capacity: 10


  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Overall Length: 8.1 in
  • Barrel Length: 4.7 in


  • Sights: Adjustable

Easy, Accurate, and Fun!!

  Gary Isaacs - Sep 24 2012, 08:58 AM

"If you are looking at this review you probably already know that the Kadet kit is an amazing addition to your CZ collection. I bought it and LOVE IT. I own a Buckmark Hunter and I still think that the kadet is worth the purchase. I can now practice with my CZ75 Shadow T-SAO using the .22 platform (awesome trigger with cheap ammo). Fitting the slide to my frame took just a little bit of sandpaper - just tape off the nearby areas so you don't get an idiot mark on day one. If you have a light hammer/main spring (like I do) you will need to buy a heavier one to avoid "light strikes" - hammer strikes the pin but the round does not fire all the time. This is not a problem with the gun just a side effect of putting lighter springs to reduce the trigger pull. A heavier hammer spring will probably increase the trigger pull but not by much. I bought the 22lb spring from Wolff Gunsprings and the installation was quick and easy. I read from the CZforum that anything 18lbs or over should do the trick. Hope this helps....and enjoy!!"

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